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Be it digital marketing or having a backup website for your app or having a good interactive blog site or simply a website where you make sure that the audience knows that you exist. Hence, they should visit your offline stores, having a good website is required, and one can not ignore it.
So, how do we get a website? There are so many website builders and so many free templates, what should the ideal choice be?
Now, while the choice of the template would be up to your discretion yet, we can tell you about the top 5 website builders which you can pick from. These would be:

The back-end is supremely easy to host, and if one sticks to the basic functionalities, just a few clicks are enough to get the work done. It gives almost all the good functionalities free of cost. However, the one major contention is that it randomly places ads within the content, and unlike multiple other website builders, it doesn’t provide a way to work around the designs around these ads.

Wix comes with an extensive app market where one could purchase apps or use free ones as required. Plus, unlike WordPress, it offers complete SEO customization. It also provides a free 500MB worth of bandwidth on its free websites.

Weebly’s interface is quite easy to use and has an app store that is open to free plan users as well.
However, the e-commerce, forms, and unlimited pages features are available to paid users only.

Starting from social media presence to sales and every other possible thing in between, the insight-driven framework of GoDaddy helps you improve your performance continuously. Plus, the back-end functionalities are easy to handle because of its easy click and drag reorder system.

Shopify’s back-end is strong enough to allow for complete control from the back-end, even if you do not have some great developing/coding prowess. The Search engine optimization function works really well, and the Shopify support team works round the clock so that you can work hassle-free and seamlessly.

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