Build a Real Shopify Store from Scratch – Full Tutorial

I’ll walk you through building a real makeup store I created for a friend while documenting the whole process using drag and drop design, without writing a single line of code.

In this video, we’ll cover setting up a Shopify account, creating a store and walking you through the interface, choosing a theme and customing the design, adding products and pages. I’ll also show you where to find good quality images and with some basic image editing along with tips and with tips for building an e-commerce website from my experience.

Jump to chapter:
0:00 – Welcome
3:31 – Creating a Shopify account
6:05 – Walkthrough the admin area
10:46 – Get high-quality images for free
13:02 – Simple image editing
19:32 – Choosing and installing a theme
23:53 – Adding products
32:06 – Creating pages
37:43 – Landing pages
42:47 – Create a Call To Action button
50:30 – Menus
53:37 – Home page
1:09:54 – Summary overview
1:12:19 – Adding in Katy’s content
1:15:49 – Thank you 🙂

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