How to build a sales funnel in WordPress

In this video, I show you how to build a sales funnel in WordPress using Cartflows, Divi and Woocommerce.

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  1. Love this bro…exactly what I was looking for, I am trying to figure out how to get affiliates to sell for me, and to get my sites more together.

  2. hobbe_web on Instagram great funnel builder. Good job hobbe. I'm making more sales now

  3. hobbe_web on Instagram great funnel builder. Good job hobbe. I'm making more sales now

  4. Hi! Thank you- I am buying cartflows today and clicked through your affiliate link. I just want to make sure you get credit

  5. Buy Cartflows here? This is so expensive that it is absolutely impossible for me to buy. Perhaps if they had a monthly payment.

  6. Hi Mak, thanks for your video, very clear.

    Personally I was looking for a plugin that allowed me to create a trigger between a landing page created 100% in WP, with a Mailchimp form and that after entering your email the person would redirect you to another thank you page within my website (and receive your downloadable by mail).

    Actually with elementor and other plugins I don't see the usefulness of Cart Flow, apart from having the flow created for landingpages … what do you think? It really works, because you can create a landingpage and when you click it, it will take you to the shopping cart and that's it!

    Thank you!

  7. Thanks very informative. I think I am going with your recommendation instead of Click Funnel. Send me your links to get a better price.

  8. Great video. Any idea why CartFlow skips the upsell page and directly goes to the thank you page? (I have added an upsell part to my funnel)

  9. I have been trying by purchasing all the above still have not made a dime. From Hosting to DiV. Name Hero is the worst among all… Just my honest opinion. Spent over $6,000 online for stuff that doesn't work….

  10. Wow! You've sold me on Cartflows for sure! I'd be happy to use your referral link if you have one. 😉 I've tried Clickfunnels and Kartra and I find both massively confusing. I've building in WordPress for years and I'm pumped that I've found something I can use in that space. Very cool. I'm a huge Elementor fan, so I'll use that with it. And, SiteGround is THE ONLY option (they the best)!!

  11. Have you ever used the Upsell Plugin to create a sales funnel? Can you create a demo video using that plugin? Seems like it has more features than Cartflows and is less expensive.

  12. All this to make something similar to a funnel builder like clickfunnels and others? Even though I don'l like the clickfunnels tribe, I'd prefer to use something all in one instead of 4-5 things together

  13. I previously watched a video about Cart Flows but it was not as detailed as this. Thank you!
    One question I have is how or what would you use to deliver a digital product ince a person takes your offer?

  14. Cart flows too expensive for a beginner like me (and others, I guess). You should advise about the cost BEFORE all your presentation. It is very frustrating to get to the point that you need $299 to make all the nice things you present… at the end of the setup.

  15. for cerating a funnel, do I need a new web with a new domain, or can I create it on already existing one on wordpress ?

  16. Thank you for such informative content. I just found your channel on YT and subscribed.

    Do you have any recommended currency converters that do custom cent rounding (eg. 27.60 to 27.99), that work with CartFlows?

    Thanks. Your videos are some of the best about Divi 👍

  17. Thanks, MAK, this is fabulous! Does CartFlows collect VAT and other European taxes, as well as US state-determined sales tax by chance?

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