How To Create A BRANDED General Store (LIVE) | Shopify DropShipping

How To Create A Branded General Store (LIVE) | Shopify DropShipping
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Time Stamps
2:45 – Getting Started
4:00 – Selecting a Theme
4:55 – Setting Up Legal Pages
9:42 – Header/Footer Set Up
11:18 – Apps
12:28 – Store Naming/Logo
16:30 – Importing a Product
19:05 – Theme Customization
25:20 – Confirmation Email
26:20 – Setting Up Shipping

In this video, I will be creating a branded general store live in a similar fashion to how I structure mine.

I used to be fixated on one product stores, but I have gravitated towards efficiency rather than perfectionism, and have found general stores to be a very efficient way of testing a lot of products in a short period of time.

Although you can’t make general stores like how most people teach. You need a brandable name and a good user experience. Think amazon, not trendy gadgets. Make each landing page still feel like a one product store, so you can pump out product tests like clockwork and not get emotionally attached to products like what can happen when you put time and effort into a one product store.

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