How to Create a Shopify Store from Scratch/Ricky Hayes x CJ Dropshipping

Questions about how to create a Shopify store from scratch:
01:37 What preparations should we do before creating a store?
02:47 How to build a Shopify store(main steps)?
03:50 How much time people will need to set up a store?
04:52 What Shopify apps beginners need to build a store, which will help to make a better conversion rate
07:16 What difficulties people will meet/mistakes people make when building a store? How to solve it?
08:43 Do you think it is a good idea to find someone on Fiverr to build a store for you? Which will take like $40 to $1,000.
09:44 Is it worth paying for a dropshipping course?
10:33 How to spot a fake guru?

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