How to make a Shopify App

The fastest way to create a Shopify App from scratch.
Hello and welcome to Coding with Jan! I am here to teach you how to accelerate your success as a freelancer and work from anywhere in the world, setting your own hours and generating consistent revenue by becoming a Shopify Web Developer.

I started my own journey as a Shopify Web Developer three years ago with the bold vision of attaining an entirely flexible work schedule. My ability to work whenever and wherever I want to as a Web Developer has certainly been the key to making that lifestyle a reality for me.

Along the way, I’ve met many people who have expressed a keen interest in doing the same but were unsure which essential skills they needed to get started as a Freelancer and Shopify Web Developer. That’s when I decided to launch my YouTube channel, Coding with Jan – a platform where I share the knowledge, top tips, and best-kept secrets to help ambitious web developers to hone their skills, overcome complex challenges and attain their goals.

To help others enjoy the benefits of coding on the world’s fastest-growing online retail platform, we developed Freemote, an intensive Freelance-Developer-Bootcamp, as a complete guide to going from absolute beginner to successfully land clients and delivering professional freelance projects.

Looking to make a career change, work remotely and get your focus straight?
Check out Freemote and join a community of like-minded people and freelance Shopify Web Developers around the globe!

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