How to Make a Website – Web Design Tutorial

I hope you enjoyed this video on web design, let me know your feedback in the comments below!

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  1. Found your video interesting to watch. I can't wait to see your post soon. Good Luck with the upcoming update. This video is very useful, interesting, and effective.

  2. I also spent my time watching Crap videos here it doesn't work!! I paid just a $50bucks to get a website page.. contact perfect_hack00 on Inšta_grAM

  3. Hey guys, if you need any help making your website contact the guy that did mine. Hands down the best web designer to work with. His name is Nick. You can reach him at 203-685-0346.

  4. @Jazza Explain Whats Wrong With HTML And CSS, For me it's easy to code a website then use webs like wix sooo.

  5. lol!! this is some kind of a joke really. You know it's not about getting things done, it about perfection and perfections comes with control and control demands knowledge and that knowledge my friend is way too different from what you think is when you say create a website with Wix

  6. bro I dscovered this at the right time my dad that abandoned me finally reached out to me and made a deal with me that if make a website he will help me have a job in the near future
    jazza YOU ARE MY HERO

  7. [design update]: "order shipping info."…how many webpages do not display a auto-refresh tracking information for any given online purchase of store goods?!?! right there on the same page after order, just keep the page up, refresh to see what its up to.

  8. How to Make a Website – Web Design Tutorial ??? what a load of croc…title says How to make a thumbs down on this..pointless

  9. I can design a website, but even after taking multiple online courses, I'm incapable of coding one. WIX allows enough customisation for me to directly translate my Photoshop web mockups to a working responsive website.

  10. I disagree with Wix, having the tools handed to you like that is too easy. You learned a valuable skill when forced to learn HTML to put out a website, coding is the way to go I think

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