How To Make a Website With WordPress Beginners Tutorial

Learn every step to make a WordPress website in this beginner’s course. No coding necessary! You will learn how to get a domain name and hosting, install WordPress, use a theme, customize the exact website you want, and more.

Course Contents
(0:00:00) Introduction
(0:00:54) What is WordPress?
(0:02:14) Getting a domain name and hosting from Hostinger
(0:06:40) Using a domain from a different company with Hostinger
(0:08:56) Understanding hosting dashboard
(0:10:47) Installing WordPress
(0:10:47) Logging into WordPress admin dashboard
(0:13:47) Uninstalling default plugins
(0:14:48) Dashboard overview
(0:15:13) Updating WordPress
(0:15:47) Adding and modifying users
(0:16:40) Updating Permalinks
(0:17:40) Installing a WordPress theme (OceanWP)
(0:20:05) Installing plugins
(0:22:31) Installing a demo template
(0:27:09) Backing up WordPress website
(0:29:20) Begin customizing website
(0:30:54) Creating custom logo
(0:35:12) Update website general colors
(0:36:39) Adding favicon
(0:38:12) Begin editing website content
(0:39:34) Adding custom element with Elementor
(0:40:18) Editing text on website
(0:43:50) Updating links
(0:44:47) Change colors of individual elements
(0:46:48) Adding pictures
(0:50:15) Updating layout and look
(0:55:08) Adding new sections to page
(1:00:20) Updating pages
(1:03:24) Updating menus
(1:05:19) Creating new page
(1:12:01) Setting homepage to be a blog
(1:13:35) Updating blog entries page
(1:17:43) Creating new blog post
(1:21:42) Edit blog post display settings
(1:23:28) Removing sample articles
(1:24:39) Turn off comments
(1:25:37) Begin editing contact page
(1:26:30) Adding custom contact form
(1:30:50) Updating website header
(1:31:49) Updating social links
(1:33:58) Updating website footer
(1:43:09) Updating custom CSS
(1:44:36) Updating scroll to top button
(1:45:15) Conclusion

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