How To Make a Website With WordPress (In Under 30 Minutes)

Bros! Broettes! If you’re looking to make a website with wordpress in 2018 then I think you’re going to LOVE this free tutorial I made. I’m going to show you everything from getting hosting, to snagging a domain name, to setting up WordPress, and even customizing that site… all in under 30 min! Hope you enjoy it 😛

Table of Contents:

Introduction 0:00
Overview 0:16

Step #1) Secure a Domain Name & Hosting 1:05
Use Hostgator Discount Code: PROPENNY for 1 month hosting for just $0.01!

Step #2) Setup & Install WordPress 7:27
How to Login to WordPress 10:01
How to Change Your Password 11:01

Step #3) Activate a New Theme 11:53
Paid Theme Recommendation: Divi by Elegant Themes
FREE Theme Recommendation: Hestia

Step #4) Install Orbit Fox 13:45

Step #5) Add Your Logo & Accent Color 14:17

Step #6) Customize The Front Page 17:07
Change Background Image 17:40
Change Title & Subtitle 18:37
Change Title & Subtitle FONT 21:01
Change Button Link 19:14

Step #7) Add a Menu & Pages 21:55

Tip #1 Editing For Mobile 26:04
Tip #2 Hiding Sections 26:38
Tip #3 Installing Your Contact Form 27:07

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