How To Make a WordPress Website 2021

The best way to make a website in the entire world!
Have fun creating your own website in under 2 hours using WordPress, the most popular way in the world.

The 3 step processed is optimized for speed and success:
1. Setup, 2. Options, 3. Design.

We will be working Astra theme (5 star ratings with 4,841 reviews ) and Elementor (5 star ratings with 5 million installations) to create the best website in the world.

This video will show you that making a website can be fun and easy. Creating a website can change your life and we will do this all step by step with no step skipped.

I hope you love this as much as I do!

Intro – 00:00:00
1 – Setup

Setup Overview – 00:05:02
Get Domain Name & Hosting – 00:08:42
Install WordPress – 00:17:28
Login – 00:21:10

2 – Options

Delete Plugins – 00:22:15
Change Password – 00:24:25
Update WordPress – 00:25:23
Update Permalinks – 00:25:24
Search Engine Ready – 00:26:32
Install Theme – 00:27:04
Install Template – 00:29:04
Backup Website – 00:36:06
Change Website Name – 00:38:24
Create a New Page – 00:40:19
Transparent Menu – 00:43:04
Add Menu Item – 00:43:36
Delete Page – 00:44:33
Add Blog Post – 00:45:07
Set Blog To Homepage – 00:48:12
Create Blog Page – 00:49:48
Delete Blog Post – 00:51:34
Live Chat – 00:52:04
Google Analytics – 00:55:35

3 – Design

Homepage – 01:00:33
Mobile Friendly – 01:17:42
About Page – 01:21:25
Services Page – 01:26:09
Projects Page – 01:29:12
Contact Page – 01:31:20
Contact Form – 01:35:08
Menu Navigation Button – 01:40:47
Create Logo / Favicon – 01:43:30
Insert Logo / Favicon – 01:47:20
Design Blog Post – 01:49:11
Design Blog Page – 01:53:14
Footer – 01:54:18

Logout – 01:57:13
Congratulations!! –  01:57:42

Thank you 🙂

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  1. Hi, I'm a wordpress beginner. I would like to learn how to create a web apps. If you could do a video, I would like learn it from you. Thank you!

  2. Hi Tyler, Since I subscribed to hostinger for hosting, I couldn't follow your initial installation steps. I installed a WordPress template accidentally and it is appearing as my home page instead of the "Hello world" page that you showed in your video. Even if I reinstall WordPress to remove that theme template, it's not getting removed. How do I resolve it?

  3. Hi! Please could you tell me how to proceed to have my website in English and in Spanish? Thank you I just need to get the host and I am ready to make it

  4. i miss you sir you really help my live make me a great man thanks so much. by the way sir can you please make a video on how to set up a payment gate way on our website <cryptocurrency payment gateway> thanks

  5. I'm a web designer. I've never worked with WP before. My new client has a previously designed WP site. Thank you SOOOOO much. You just taught me how to build and edit a site on the WP platform.

  6. Tyler Moore Sir. this is a genuinely the best video that i have ever watched again. Thanks for creating such an amazing content on youtube. I never thought i could create a website in my life. but you made it possible. i am from a all together different background, (finance)

  7. Tyler,, this is the best tutorial that I’ve viewed on building a website. I’ve gotten so frustrated trying to get my site up and running, but you break the process down into manageable and understandable bites. I can’t wait to get started on my site. Thank you so much 😃

  8. was looking for a video that explained how to build a website from scratch. clicked all of them away until I found this one. so awesome. thanks for explaining everything and making us realize it’s actually a piece of cake 🙏🏻

  9. superb, the beauty of explanation and also simply to make powerful website
    love that video keep posting this kind of video it will more help to people in this world
    keep moving all support from people who love your videos , first time as learner viewing your video it much more impressive
    love from india

  10. I foolishly volunteered to create a website for an organization I belong to. Silly me, that is until I found this tutorial! I've gotten so many complements on the site I created, all thanks to Tyler, you made me look good!

  11. Thank you very much for the presentation. He helped many of us. Thank you for helping other people create their own website. Greetings from Romania.

  12. To any newbies who are looking at this page. You cannot find a better tutorial on WordPress in the world. This guy Tyler who has no idea who I am is the best period. You are in the right place. His grasp on what you need to know to get the job done is remarkable. He points you in the right direction at every step and makes this process tolerable. I have been messing around with IT since punch cards and have never found better instructions on making a website. He will save you days of experimenting and waiting for support to return your calls. He belongs in the Internet Hall of Fame.

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