How to Make a WordPress Website from Scratch (UK Version) – Easy!

I show you How to Make a WordPress Website from Scratch, Step-By-Step. We literally start with nothing and finish with a fantastic WordPress website.

I’ve tried to make this video as easy to follow as possible on making your website. If you get stuck at any point please leave a comment below and i’ll try my best to help you out.

You will need to purchase a few things to get your site up and running but it won’t cost much. The main thing is WordPress hosting. For this I recommend the excellent TSOHOST. You’re also going to need the theme. The cost is tiny compared to using a WordPress website developer who charge over £1000 for a website like this.

This video is for people that want to host their WordPress website in the UK.

Here are the chapters:

Introducing the website you’ll be making with WordPress: 1:10
Setting up your WordPress website hosting: 1:55
Logging in to your website hosting control panel: 6:11
Adding a Website to your hosting: 6:28
Installing WordPress: 7:19
Logging into WordPress: 8:00
Changing your WordPress password: 8:30
Downloading your Premium WordPress theme: 9:49
Installing Propulsion (the WordPress theme): 11:54
Setting up the homepage: 14:49
Setting up the homepage slider: 19:45
Editing your slider images with Fireworks: 21:50
Removing the page title from the homepage and adding more content: 24:40
Looking at the Propulsion shortcodes and adding the 1 – 2 -3: 26:15
Setting up portfolio items: 34:42
Configuring the portfolio items: 40:02
Refining the homepage so it looks good!: 42:58
Setting the WordPress website logo: 44:03
Adding text to the homepage slider: 44:53
Tidying up the homepage: 49:00
Adding internal WordPress pages: 52:44
Adding pages to the WordPress menu (navigation): 54:23
Adding content to and configuring your WordPress pages: 57:01
Adding images to your pages: 58:37
Setting up your Portfolio (our work) page: 59:56
Setting your About us page: 1:02:56
Creating and adding WordPress blog posts: 1:05:16
Setting the blog page: 1:09:35
Setting up the contact us page: 1:10:06
Configuring WordPress sidebars: 1:12:29
Setting up the website footer: 1:15:12
Setting the Favicon: 1:17:27
Add your social media icons: 1:18:04
Setting the theme colours, fonts & other styling options: 1:18:38
Final WordPress options (site name etc): 1:22:13
Good luck with your new WordPress site: 1:23:15

I’d love to see your sites, post them in the comments

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