How to make a WordPress website from scratch

If you are looking to know how to build a WordPress website from scratch, this video will take you through the whole process on how to build a WordPress website. We will cover everything from the beginning so that you can make your WordPress theme development if you are starting out. WordPress website use theme builders and this WordPress website tutorial will go over things like using understrap, HTML, CSS, JS as well as doing pages and links and more.

How to make a WordPress website 2020 topics covered includes:
00:00:00 – Introduction
00:00:30 – WordPress website design
00:03:00 – WordPress installation
00:08:25 – WordPress theme setup
00:12:45 – WordPress template home page
00:18:08 – Header Menu
00:38:15 – Header Logo Section
00:50:20 – Header Hero Banner
01:04:36 – Call to Action Section
01:18:30 – About Section
01:28:35 – Product Section
01:37:20 – Newsletter Section
01:47:50 – News Section
01:56:40 – Footer Section
02:06:52 – Responsive Design Media Queries
03:21:23 – Internal Page Template
03:54:05 – Contact Us Template
04:20:46 – Single Post Blog Template
04:41:55 – Category Posts Blogs Template
05:04:40 – Conclusion

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