How To Make Money Online For FREE In 2021 With NO Website! Setup In 15 Minutes

Want to make money online without setting up a website? In this free tutorial I show you how you can do this! I made over $1000 today doing this.

One of the mains ways I make money online is by doing affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is when you fine someone else’s product and you promote that for a commission. This is a great way to make money on the internet because you don’t need to create a product. Since you don’t need a product you can focus on traffic.

The first step is to figure out what niche you want to go into. You can go to a website like Clickbank and find a product in almost any niche that you can make money from. Once you have found a product it’s time to look at getting traffic. The best way to get traffic is to use free traffic methods.

What you want to do is start a Facebook Group and build your own eco system. Once you build up this eco system you can start promoting product from clickbank and get a commission. It’s important you do this and don’t just spam your links all over the place or you will not make money online in 2021.

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