Learn HTML & CSS in 60 Minutes | Full Beginners Course Video With Practicals

Learn HTML & CSS in hindi & urdu language step by step easy tutorial for beginner , in this video i will teach you how you can start designing website or web page using very popular web language html yes if you are a computer student and you are learning coding like c language c++ & java and you also want to learn web programming language html then this easy tutorial will help you to start html coding so that you can start you html & css coding at home this video cover following topics :

1. What is HTML ? Full form of html & use of html language ? 3:32
2. how to create html file ? 12:15
3. what are tags in html ? different types of tags explained with practical example ?
4.how to create form in html ? 33:27
5.what is css ? full form of css & how to apply css ? 48:29
6.what is inline css explained with an example ? 51:03
7.what internal css explained with example ? 55:00
8.what is external css ? 1:00:12
9. difference between inline vs internal vs external css?
10. how to create table in html ?
11.what is tr td tag in html ?
12. difference between tr & td

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  1. Sch m mza aati h coding m 3 din se kr reh h bs aaj ye vedio bhi dekh liya meri class m abhi html hi chl rha abhi daily coding i love html coding

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