Possibly The Best Free Website Builder For YouTube Creators

What’s the best free website builder for YouTube (or other) creators? If you create YouTube videos or are an influencer online for tiktok, facebook, instagram, or pretty much any social channel… you may not need a sophisticated website in order to clearly showcase what it is you do, who you are, and how people can connect with or support you. In this video I’m going to provide an overview for carrd.co and sample some of the free as well as pro (premium) features available. This is a GREAT website solution for creators who DO NOT NEED a complex website. YES! You can create a carrd website for FREE. The pro features are optional.

0:00 – Video Start
1:01 – Who should subscribe?
1:21 – NOT for blog sites!
1:51 – How can carrd.co benefit you?
2:20 – Wow! Many templates to pick from.
3:14 – Three tier’s for the PRO plans. (optional)
4:37 – There are some FREE limitations…
5:12 – Self-help Guide/Docs
5:37 – Begin Site Demo
8:04 – End Site Demo

If you want to use the same software I use – click the links in this description! They are affiliate links which means I get a commission on whatever you buy.

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