The Best Website Builder for Ecommerce!

1. Shopify
2. WooCommerce
3. Squarespace
4. Jumpseller
5. Ecwid
6. Prestashop
7. Big Cartel
8. Wix Commerce
9. Americommerce
10. Supadupa
11. GoDaddy Online Store
12. Core Commerce
13. BigCommerce
14. Zoey
15. Magento
16. Volusion
17. 3dcart

There are a lot of of ecomerce website builders you could use to build your ecommerce website: Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Volusion, Squarespace and a whole lot more.

So how is anybody supposed to know which one is the best?

Fortunately I have the answer for you. Here’s what I did: I found 944 users of the top 17 ecommerce website builders. I asked each person one simple question: do you recommend the ecommerce website builder that you’re currently using?

I used their responses to calculate a customer satisfaction rating.

In this video I go through each ecommerce company and give you a short overview of what I learned from talking to their customers.

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  1. Hey, great video.
    I have a clothing start up, my question is would you recommend using the basic Shopify plan which is 29$ or the Squarespace business plan which is 26$ a month. Both of them have a few features missing so I am confused as to which would help me more.
    Also do any of them offer a free business email on the domain? Thanks!

  2. Are there any good eCommerce websites that don’t take transaction fees and allows several different payment methods besides PayPal and stripe ?

  3. Need an ecommerce store?
    Will build one for you for only 40$ pm. Including hosting and a basic sub domain. Post that only 10$ pm for maintanance and changes. Paypal accepted. Contact for demo and other details

  4. If I have 10 web pages and I want to sell 10 items then the Problem is 10 X$25+ a month can get pricey . Is there a review for SIMPLE E commerce ? Like let's say 100 items or less and about $100 a year. (as an example). For example. I want to sell on my web page no more than 10 exclusive products. 10 That's it. Is anyone catering to that market? Or am I alone in the woods?

  5. Hello Travis, I'm convinced on the Shopify vote, now I need someone to use it to build my website- I don't have the time the learning curve would require. Do you do this? thanks! Julie

  6. Tо knоw morе Dеtiаls abоut websitе сrеаtіоn gооglе іt "сlаsуwеbsіtеbuіldеrs"

  7. would u recommend me to build a website from squarespace ( for hair-extentsion website B-C ) coz i wnt to learn it these soon days…?

  8. I sell jewelry, tons of different styles and get new releases daily. I'm guessing Shopify would be the best platform to use but want to know if I can also post videos (jewelry tips & tricks) on this site too? Or would squarespace be something I should consider? I need something easy to use also, cost effective.

  9. What is the best for selling products with multiple add-ons/attachments? For example…making a pizza with toppings

  10. Would loved to have seen where Weebly stacked on the list. Keep up the great work with the videos!

  11. Hi great videos, how would you put tests and multiple choice questions on a website and also make it mobile friendly? Is there a website where this can be made?

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