Weebly Tutorial for Beginners Full Tutorial – Easy Professional Website

Building a website can be confusing and intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. You don’t necessarily need to hire someone to build your site for you if you use Weebly. Weebly is an easy website builder that simplifies the process into a drag and drop layout that is easy enough for all users. This is a full tutorial for beginners in which I will cover the topics listed below and show you that you do not need to understand any coding whatsoever to build a beautiful, professional website!

Topics covered:
First minute: intro and account setup
min. 1-2.5: Choosing a Weebly website template
min. 2.5-6 : Upgrading and selecting a domain for your new website
min. 6-8.5 : top tabs: pages = renaming, rearranging, header modification, SEO, and configuring navigation
min. 8.5-9 : Themes tab (fonts, themes)
min. 9-10 : Weebly Apps and settings (adding editors, configuring memberships, managing apps, contacting weebly for help)
min 10-19 : Build functions and features (adding text, titles, images, buttons, links, sections, spacers, forms, dividers, products, adding media, adding maps, configuring maps, etc.)
min. 19-20 : Product configuration for online stores (to be covered in more detail in another video)
min. 20-21 : Adding search bar, block quote, surveys, and more to your Weebly website
min. 21-22 : Monetizing your website with Google AdSense
min. 22- 23.5: Adding a blog post to your Weebly site
min. 23.5- 25: Ensuring mobile website looks good
min. 25 – end: publishing, managing website, finding analytics, understanding your dashboard, adding a pop-up for email campaigns/announcements/age verification

Thank you for watching!

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