Wix vs Squarespace (Best Website Builder 2021)

Squarespace or Wix? If you are starting a website, this is likely to be a very important decision for you. Both are powerful and popular among website owners, but what is different about them and which is right for you? In this video, I answer that question for you simply and clearly.

Review Summary:
1. Website construction:
Wix is based on a drag and drop setup while Squarespace is more oriented around a grid system in which you can insert items. While both work well, the Wix system seems to be more intuitive and similar to what many are accustomed to (i.e. similar to the features seen in Microsoft office products, canva.com, etc.) Wix also offers more customization as a result of this style as well. Rather than being limited to a grid, Wix allows you to make your site look EXACTLY as you want it to!
2. Price:
I cannot tell you which is cheaper because depending on when you watch this video, Squarespace may be cheaper than Wix or the other way around. What I can say however is that it is important that you check to verify the price is the monthly price, paid monthly vs the monthly price paid annually. This is a tricky little thing that the site builders do!
3. eCommerce:
As far as ecommerce goes, both website builders are very capable but Squarespace generally has a few more tools, including gift cards, custom receipts, and more of that sort.
4. Blog:
I really like the blog features and layout on Wix, but Squarespace is famous for their blog capabilities. Depending on how large you want your blog to become, it may be worth it to check out WordPress.Org as a blog site (and have it hosted with Blue Host, Host Gator, or Siteground.
5. Styles:
Wix has more templates and allows for more customization for each one, but Squarespace still has quite a few templates! Overall though, if you want a professional personalized website, Wix is a clear choice.

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